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  • Huateng Smart Phones Warranty Policy

A. Huateng Warranty Policy
Thank you for choosing Huateng mobile phone. We offer warranty service according to Stipulations on Responsibility for Repair, Replacement or Return of Mobile Phone Handsets published by national authority on November 15th, 2001. In case of any inconsistency or omission between Huateng Warranty Policy and national regulations, the latter shall prevail.

1. Has any failure listed in List of Mobile Phone Performance Failures occurred within 7 days from the date of purchase, purchaser can choose to repair, replace or return the phone.

2. Has any failure listed in List of Mobile Phone Performance Failures occurred in the 8th to 30th day from the date of purchase, purchaser can choose to repair or replace the phone.

3. Please fill in the warranty card with complete, correct and real information, require and properly keep your invoice when purchasing your mobile phone.

4. Purchasing invoice is valid only when marked with information including International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI, 15-digit number on the back of the phone behind the battery), serial number of accessories (battery, charger, etc.), product model, date of purchase, seller’s stamp and amount of money.

5. Valid warranty card and invoice are basic guarantees for your rights. (Valid warranty card and invoice are the ones with complete, real and correct information with no corrections.) If you lose your valid invoice and warranty certificates, and cannot provide their copies, we will offer 1-year free warranty service starting from the 90th day after the date of production of your mobile phone.

Please note that warranty service is confined to products selling in mainland China.

B.Warranty Descriptions and Principles
1. The warranty is valid only when the mobile phone is properly used. The warranty does not cover deliberate damage and the following: (in which case, repair fee will be charged if customer requests for repair.)

a. Warranty period has expired.

b. Damage caused by human factors, including use in abnormal conditions or not consistent with the instructions.

c. Self repair and modification, or repair attempted by any unauthorized service center.

d. Damages by force majeure (e.g. water, fire, earthquake and lightning)

e. No warranty card and valid purchasing certificates can be presented, or product model or bar code is inconsistent or has been altered.

f. Normal wear and tear (including the case, keyboard, screen, antenna and accessories)